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Get Involved. 

The EMCA Board is always looking for new ideas! This organization brings value to your community, helps you meet and know your neighbors and provides fun and healthy opportunities for your families. But to do this,  we need community involvement. Join us at EMCA meetings, on the first Tuesday of every month at the Muskingum Township Hall or at the pool at 7:00pm. Everyone is welcome!


Volunteers have made this organization operate for 50 years, and we could not exist without them. 

We need volunteers to help maintain the grounds and equipment, like helping to prepare the pool for opening, raking leaves, weeding beds, or painting equipment.  Family members of all ages can help with most of these jobs. We also need help with our  events.  You can help organize an existing event, or perhaps you have a great idea for something new.  In order to make these events successful, we also need donations of time and materials during the event. 

Become an EMCA member 

By purchasing an EMCA membership ($15 family or $10 senior), you give money towards the upkeep of our facilities like mowing of the playground and park, and maintaining the tennis courts, basketball courts, and baseball fields.

Click Here to purchase your EMCA Membership. 

Financial support 

You can give a tax deductible gift to the EMCA general fund, or to a particular project through the Marietta Community Foundation.  Click here for details on making gifts or donating online.

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