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2nd Annual EMCA "TRY"athlon

August 4th, 9:00 a.m.

This a fun event for Ages 3-13 to encourage a healthy lifestyle in our own backyard!  The name of the game is to complete the course.  SWIM, BIKE, RUN!  This is not a timed event.  We welcome parents of younger children to complete the course with your child if they are unsure or just need a little encouragement.  The swimming leg will be the only one with a maximum time to complete to keep the event moving (2 min max time for 3-10 yr olds, 3 min max time for 11 -13 yr olds).

Age          Swim           Bike             Run

3-6          25 yds        500 yds       100 yds


7-10        75 yds        2 miles       1/2 mile


11-13      100 yds      3 miles        1 mile

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